YouTube Mini Player Now Available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge Browser

Mini Player YouTube

YouTube’s new feature for the YouTube web users called Mini Player has started to roll out globally recently. The feature is one of the most requested features YouTube users on the Google Chrome forum. The Mini Player is different from the Chrome’s Picture-in-picture mode that allows the users to watch YouTube videos in a  small overlay window on the desktop screen and visible irrespective of what application you are using on your PC.

Mini Player YouTube in action


The Mini Player allows you to watch YouTube videos on a small minimized player at the corner of the screen while browsing other videos on YouTube.

To activate the Mini Player, the user needs to click the small window icon in the YouTube player as shown in the image below. Clicking the mini player icon again will take the user back to the videos full-sized page.

Mini Player YouTube

Unfortunately, the Mini Player does not help if you want to scroll through comments while watching the videos as the comment as are not visible in Mini player mode. You are better using Picture-in-picture on Google Chrome for that.

As I said earlier, after clicking the mini player icon, the video gets pushed to the corner of the screen. However, you cannot resize the video player size or move it around as you can do with the picture-in-picture mode of Google Chrome.

YouTube users can certainly continue playing the video in the playlist mode. You can also select Next and Previous songs. There is a not interested icon shown which allows you to remove any song from the YouTube playlist. One more thing you cannot do while in the Mini Player mode is that you can’t close the closable adverts shown at the bottom of the page. To close the advert you need to close the Mini player which is a little annoying.

What’s needed?

I would like to see the ability to scroll through the YouTube comments and be able to post comments while the video is playing in the corner just like in picture-in-picture mode. The Pip mode in Chrome is still not available for everyone directly and one has to enable it from the experiments section.

What do you think of the new Mini Player for YouTube? Do you prefer Google Chrome’s picture-in-picture mode over Mini Player? Let us know in the comments.